Reproductive medicineInfertility treatments / IVFThe problem of infertility is so common today it seems to be everywhere around us, but reproductive difficulties ceased to be hidden secret of unhappy couples desperately searching for parenthood!
Correct what you always wantedCosmetic surgeryCosmetic operation is any surgical procedure, which includes reconstruction and shaping of individual body parts in terms of improving the appearance of that part of the body.
Pass through the process on vacationHoliday HemodialysisEnjoy a holiday with family and friends relaxed knowing that your treatments are available on your vacation together with a renal specialist and dedicated dialysis team.
Smile that you wantedDentistryModern stomatology is virtually limitless when it comes to treatment of patients with diseases of the oral cavity, especially in its prevention and care.

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About Zagreb

From its globally-lauded collection of concerts, festivals and museums and the world-class urban resort of Lake Jarun, the Croatian capital has it all. Add to the mix a proud culinary heritage and buzzing nightlife and experience for yourself an unforgettable break in an undiscovered corner of Europe. Visit key attractions such as the Archaeological Museum, Cathedral, Mestrovic Atelier and Museum of Broken Relationships.

From cosmopolitan street entertainment, concerts and dance festivals to contemporary music, theatre and experimental cinema, Zagreb certainly punches above its weight when it comes to world-class cultural pursuits.


Medical treatments we offer in Zagreb, provided by our partners:

ART Treatments, Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, Physical Therapy & Orthopedics, Holiday Hemodialysis.


About Zadar

Zadar is an ancient Mediterranean port city. In a city with the most beautiful sunset, in a maritime archipelago facing a multitude of islands and islets, which protect the city from the strong winds, enjoy the symphony of the Sea Organ and magical urban light installation Pozdrav suncu [Greeting the Sun] near the new harbour for cruise ships.

Visit the traditional events or contemporary events like the full moon nights, Zadar dreams, Millennium jump, Kalelarga art… Enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine, taste the sweet Maraschino cherry liqueur, and take a swim from one of the sandy beaches in the Zadar area!

Medical treatment we offer in Zadar, provided by our partner:

Holiday Hemodialysis.


About Pula

The wealth of Roman architecture makes otherwise workaday Pula a standout among Croatia’s larger cities. The star of the show is the remarkably well-preserved Roman amphitheatre, smack in the heart of the city, which dominates the streetscape and doubles as a venue for summer concerts and festivals.

Historical attractions aside, Pula is a busy commercial city with its shipbuilding centre on the sea that has managed to retain a friendly small-town appeal. Just a short bus ride away, a series of beaches awaits at the resorts that occupy the Verudela Peninsula to the south.

Medical treatment we offer in Pula, provided by our partner:

Holiday Hemodialysis.

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