Belly of a pregnant woman with flower.Infertility treatments / IVF

The problem of infertility is so common today, that seems to be everywhere around us. In general worldview related to infertility is changed, so reproductive difficulties ceased to be deeply hidden secret of unhappy couples, who are desperately searching for parenthood.

These days about Infertility is speaking openly, with information readily available to the media and the Internet. The success and failure of treatment are frequent topics of conversation. Discusses the new procedures, the law, the definition of when life begins. For some, any intervention is acceptable, and for some none. Loud are the ones who do not have children, and even louder tips and philosophical analysis are led by those who have made a family already. The wrong impression is created that deliberation about fertility and infertility is indicator of education and ethics of the individual. No matter how this problem cause personal troubles.

Infertility treatment is significantly more advanced and more successful than it was 50 years ago. From the time of complete impotence therapy, the current treatment can achieve success in 80% of infertile couples. Such results are most conducive treat medically assisted reproduction (MAR). These methods now treats more than 70% of all causes of infertility. Advanced technology leads to an attractive new methods and success in most of the women.

ivf-logoAt the end, we emphasize that MAR profession accepts every treatment that is successful, ethical and low-risk. Any healthy child, that without the aid would not be born, is a contribution to family and society.

Prof Šimunić, owner of the Polyclinic IVF, started in IVF and ART 1982., and he was a leader of the team who had IVF child born in 1983., 7th in the world. From that time till now by his help, more than 5.000 pregnancies have been achieved.