cosmetic-surgery-950Cosmetic operation is any surgical procedure, which includes reconstruction and shaping of individual body parts in terms of improving the appearance of that part of the body. Experts from the IMED polyclinic agree that appearance plays an important role in life and self confidence of people and when the exterior look is no longer in line with what the individual feels on the inside, then confidence of that person can be shaken.

Cosmetic surgery deals with reshaping the structure of the body in order to improve the patient’s appearance and with it self confidence.

The beginnings of cosmetic surgery

The beginnings of cosmetic surgery came about as a process of removing deep-risk wounds or replacement of lost limbs resulting from accidents. This included reshaping of body parts so it would serve or resemble the ones that are missing. From the 1930s in the last century cosmetic surgery has experienced a huge advancement.

Cosmetic surgery today

In modern society, cosmetic surgery became an effective tool for solving health, aesthetic and psychological problems, say experts at the IMED polyclinic, headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Milenović. Cosmetic surgery, thanks to development of science and medicine, is a pain free and simple way of achieving what was previously unheard of.

Cosmetic surgery at IMED polyclinic

IMED-logo_en-velikiCosmetic surgery methods at the IMED polyclinic are applied in a variety of combinations, individually and with the emphasis on a natural look of the patient. Facelifting, eyelid corrections, corrections of the nose, corrections of the ears, eyebrow lifts, facial implants (corrections of the chin, cheekbones), orthognathic surgery, application of fillers, application of Botox (corrections of wrinkles and sweating), liposuction, breast enlargement and breast correction are just some of the services offered by the IMED polyclinic.