istaknuto-smile-1Modern stomatology is virtually limitless when it comes to treatment of patients with diseases of the oral cavity, especially in its prevention and care.

Undoubtedly, healthy and attractive teeth are a prerequisite for general health and satisfaction of a person. Only everyday care, proper diet and regular dental checkups can prevent not only the most common diseases of the teeth such as decay and periodontitis (gum disease), but also indirectly even the most serious illnesses. 

Experts at the IMED polyclinic can adjust the therapy plan individually according to the wishes and abilities of the patient and always with highest standards of the profession in mind. The standard for quality dental practise at IMED is one of a multidisciplinary team approach in treatment, by where each specialist solves the problem for which he or she is the most qualified for as well as providing the patient with the best quality therapy. 

IMED-logo_en-velikiStomatology at the IMED polyclinic

In six specialized clinical rooms, the stomatology unit of the Imed polyclinic offers complete services from prosthetics and implants to aesthetic dentistry and orthodontistry.