ivf-logoPolyclinic for gynecology, obstetrics and human reproduction IVF) was established in 1997. As a private service in gynecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine. It is one of the most prominent and respectable institution for this activities in Croatia and region.

It is registered for ART, licensed by Ministry of Health, and posses ISO-certificate for quality control (first from Germany 2002. – Intercert, and we were than, the first health institution in Croatia who has this certification, and now from Büro Veritas).

The basis of the activities of the Polyclinic is women health care during their lifetime. For this purpose, we have assembled top experts, customized space and obtain the most modern and complete medical equipment for quick and quality medical care.

On 300 m2 exist 3 out-patient offices, and IVF centre.

Exclusive interior on two levels is adjusted to a various polyclinic activities, but in the same time struggled to achieve non-hospital atmosphere. In the spacious reception office and waiting room, sometimes inevitably shorter waiting period, with quiet music or satellite TV, flipping through women’s magazines, is not uncomfortable. With quiet music or satellite TV, flipping through women’s magazines, women will feel comfortable.

Patients if needed can be refreshed, take a shower and prepare for the examination in one of several bathroom (with toilet). Our servant will be happy to give towel, bubble bath and everything else necessary for their freshness. All the tests, and treatment that needs to be provided outside of our clinic, our professionals will arrange and medically oversee in the medical institutions with proven superior quality. In particularly complex medical problems, we will organize council of top experts.

Polyclinic IVF has following subspecial activities:

  • General gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Gynaecological endocrinology
  • Adolescent gynaecology
  • Family planning and contraception
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Ultrasound diagnostic
  • Menopausal medicine
  • Breast diseases diagnostics

In this field we are fully equipped for complete modern diagnostic and ART:

  • Sono HSG, sonobiopsy, endometrial sampling
  • Ovarian reserve and cycle monitoring
  • Hormone analysis, microbiology testing
  • Investigation of recurrent abortions
  • Stimulation of ovulation (from natural cycle to mild and standard protocols)
  • Investigation of uterine abnormalities
  • Investigation and medical treatment of endometriosis
  • Whole spectrum of PCOS diagnostics
  • Semen analysis and DNA fragmentation od sperm
  • All methods of sperm preparation for ART
  • IUI and ITI
  • IVF and ICSI
  • Vitrification of oocytes and embryos
  • Cryobiology and cryo ET
  • Introducing (and investigation) IMSI and polarised technologies

Polyclinic IVFEndoscopic and classic surgery is performed in University Gynaecologic Clinic Petrova and KBC Zagreb (Clinical Hospital Centre – the largest centre in Croatia). All our patients, pathology of pregnancy, abnormal early pregnancies, OHSS and deliveries are treated in those hospitals.

The founder and owner of Polyclinic IVF is prof.dr.sc. Velimir Šimunić, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology University of Zagreb, subspecialist of human reproduction. He is also head of human reproduction Unit in University Clinic Petrova, Zagreb, and actual president of Croatian association of human reproduction. Dr Šimunić is ordinary member of Croatian Medical Academy.

Professor has been organiser and President of more than 20 Congresses and Symposia (with international participation), he gave about 250 plenary lectures in Croatia and abroad. Prof. Šimunić is one of the pioneers in ART and he has great influence and reputation in whole region. He is author or coauthor in 28 specialised books, 150 scientific articles with about 300 relevant citations. Now he is writing a new book „Infertility“ (to be published in 4 months).

Prof Šimunić started in IVF and ART 1982., and he was a leader of the team who had IVF child born in 1983. From that time till now by his help, more than 5000 pregnancies have bean achieved. Prof. Šimunić is expert in endoscopic and microsurgery, gynaecologic endocrinology and menopausal medicine. Polyclinic IVF has another human reproduction subspecialist dr. Gordan Crvenković. He made his training in Petrova Clinic- Zagreb, and USA (LA- Cedars Sinai). Beside two experienced clinical embryologists Danko Dobec and Sanda Koprivc-Varga (22 and 16 years in ART) we have temporary collaboration with 3 professors of gynaecology from Petrova hospital.

Polyclinic IVFDirector and general manager is Anita Šimunić, mag. Iur. Polyclinic also has experienced nurse Božana Ivić, Zorica Sučić administrator, book-keeper and helping stuff.

Our experts have ordinary advanced education on Congresses and workshops in Rome, Valencia, Milan, Athens, London, Cornell Univ. (NY-USA), Maribor, Prag, etc. We are friendly connected with well known experts in human reproduction Lopata, Speroff, Devroey, Borini, Zaninović, Studd, Homburg and others.

Polyclinic IVF become company “COOK” referral center for education in ART and sonobiopsy for doctors and embryologist from south-east Europe.

Polyclinic IVF has respectable results in infertility treatment with altogether more than 4000 clinical pregnancies.