croatian_boatCroatia, a country of a thousand islands, bathed in the sun and warmth of the Adriatic sea, located in the heart of Europe.

The irresistible charm of the Mediterranean will surely allure you. From Istria to Dalmatia, from Zagreb to Slavonia there are thousands of reasons for tourists to visit Croatia. You will experience a sense of freedom and will feel the magic of the unspoiled Mediterranean nature.


Affordable medicine on the Mediterranean Sea

Croatia is one of the countries that offer high quality health services at very affordable prices, where the level of quality and expertise match the standards of Western Europe, while maintaining the relaxing feel of a Mediterranean paradise that will wash the stress from your body.  An affordable location with very affordable quality health care makes Croatia an excellent choice.

Medical Facilities in Croatia

State-of-the-art medical treatments are available in Croatia and Croatian medicine only continues to evolve to keep up with its Western European neighbors. Modern equipment and quality care still come at a fraction of the price of similar medical treatments offered in Western Europe and North America.

Croatian hospitals and medical clinics consistently meet demands of a medical tourism industry that is booming in this Mediterranean country. Professional staff, fully qualified to international standards, are accustomed to working with international guests and ready to keep you comfortable and informed clearly and efficiently in English. Costs of medical procedures in Croatia can be more than 50% cheaper than in the United States of America.

You can avoid wait lists and are welcomed for extensive aftercare, without the exorbitant prices of those found in the US and Western Europe.