Medical tourism in CroatiaMedical tourism is a special type of tourism that supports free circulation of patients outside of their home country, in which patients independently, for different motives and for a considerable price difference choose other countries for a particular medical procedure, and in a unique way, connects top medical institutions, doctors and their treatments with tourism and other interesting contents that Croatia offers to its guests.

Medical Tourism Services Offered

We provide full service, door-to-door medical procedure-based trips. Our destinations mostly do not require visas for U.S. or EU citizens. However, if our clients are required to obtain visas, Uniline will make visa arrangements on behalf of our clients.

We understand your desire for a well-planned experience, and the need to be well taken care of from the moment you land in a foreign country to the time you leave for home. For novice traveler, making a hotel reservation in a foreign country and making arrangements for airport pickup and drop-off presents a significant challenge. You do not need to worry about that, because we take care of everything.

It makes perfect sense to explore and enjoy what the host country has to offer while you are undergoing the medical procedure. Depending on your procedure, you may not be able to swim in the ocean or be in the direct sun after the surgery. Nevertheless, you and your travel companion can schedule some fun time prior to your procedure and enjoy less strenuous activities like strolling on the beach in the evening while you are recuperating. Our travel agent will help you plan your tourist activities.